FICTION: Young Explorer's Adventure Guide (any year)

Despite the title, this is a collection of science fiction short stories, with book of stories released each year.  The stories have child/teen protagonists.  This is a kids' book, but big kids/adults will find plenty to enjoy, too.  There is nothing objectionable for elementary school kids, although some stories are too scary for my five year old.  (Disclaimer: my five year old finds some G-rated Disney movies to be too scary, too.)

Diversity:  Oh yes.  There are lots of girls, and they're mechanics, pilots, scientists, and leaders.  Children of color are present, sometimes as protagonists.  Some stories include children with disabilities, or with very different body shapes caused by growing up in space.  Chances are excellent that your child will find someone to identify with in this book.

Will you kid learn a great deal of space science from these books?  No, probably not.  Will your kid get inspired to learn more about space, how we might live on other planets, and be inspired to engage in the Into Orbit / Mission Moon challenge topics?  Quite possibly!

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